About Let's Communicate


Let's Communicate is a specialised Speech Pathology clinic that focuses on enabling functional communication, in particular teenagers and adults who have been diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) or have experienced significant trauma in their lives. 

At Let's Communicate our interventions are governed by the latest research into childhood communication difficulties.


Our Process

Let's Communicate can offer a comprehensive assessment and an individual treatment plan to optimise therapy goals.  At Let's Communicate we realise that successful communication is not just about the ability to express oneself, but also having the ability to understand messages and information being spoken by others.  Let's Communicate will make the therapy experience a fun and positive experience.


About Sam


Samantha Saunders
B.Sp.Path., MSPAA, CPSP,
Practicing Member of Speech Pathology Australia




Samantha Saunders is a certified practising Speech Pathologist and the Principal Speech Pathologist of Let's Communicate, as well as an accredited Witness Intermediary.

Samantha graduated from the University of Newcastle and since then has been working in private practice in Newcastle. Samantha is a member of Speech Pathology Australia and a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist with a strong commitment to ongoing Professional Development.

Samantha has a special interest in young adults that have Autism and the challenges both for the child and the family that are faced on a day to day basis. Samantha is very experienced in providing intensive therapy and support to clients who are having difficulty with their language skills as well as their social and pragmatic skills.

Samantha’s clinical approach to therapy is based upon tailored therapy programs that are effective and evidence based, but also fun and exciting. Being a mother herself, Samantha realises the importance of time management and adapts these therapy programs to fit in with busy everyday family life.

Additionally, Samantha is an experienced Witness Intermediary working with children on a daily basis that have suffered trauma in their lives. A Witness Intermediary facilitates communication within the court environment for children & young adults within the court process.

Samantha works closely with medical specialists, general practitioners, psychologists and occupational therapists as part of an integrated approach to therapy.

Interesting facts about Sam:  

  • Sam has two teenage kids one completing the HSC at the moment, so there is always a lot of drama and stress in the household so she fully understands the family dynamics of family life.

  • She has 2 dogs she loves very much a pug and a jug both are super crazy but lots of fun.

  • Sam enjoys gardening and going to the beach.