Let's Communicate in conjunction with Speech Pathology provides a specialised service of a Witness Intermediary.


What Is It?

A Witness Intermediary facilitates communication between a witness, party, suspect or defendant and others in the justice process to ensure that communication is enabled, coherent and accurate. Intermediaries are impartial and neutral.

A Witness Intermediary facilitates communication between a witness/suspect and:

  • The Police

  • Prosecution and Defence Teams

  • The Court

This ensures that the communication process is as complete, coherent and accurate as possible. The Intermediary is impartial and neutral and ultimately her duties to the court are paramount.

The Intermediary is allowed to explain the questions or answers so far as is necessary to enable them to be understood by the witness or the questioner but without changing the substance of the evidence.


The Difference

Registered Intermediaries are not investigators and their role is not the same as witness advocate, witness supporters or expert witnesses.